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Still no Netflix!

Joining in

My Netflix that is included in my package was suspended when I moved house, despite weeks of issues with my house move with Virgin I still have been left with no Netflix. 
I have contacted them 5 times now and been promised the reactivation but yet again have been let down! 
I wouldn’t mind but my contract runs out next month! 


Tuning in

I have had a similar issue.  I moved house and as a result my existing Virgin contract (and account nbr) was changed but Netflix weren't told.  The original contract (previous house) ended and Netflix cancelled my account saying the Virgin contract had ended.  Seven weeks later, Virgin still haven't managed to fix it and Netflix have cancelled the account without payment from Virgin who I am still paying!  I've contacted support by phone and chat 11 times and been lied to and made promises that are never kept.  Complaints, IT tickets and escalations to supervisors and the concern team are not followed up and I have lost all trust that they ever will be.  It is shocking customer service for a £100 a month subscription having been a customer for 30 years (NTL before Virgin).  Losing Netflix is a first-world problem obviously but some simple honesty and respect for the customer would go a long way.  If I wanted to add Netflix to my account and pay for a new service it would have been resolved in a day, instead they are charging for a service that they are not providing.  And still they ask me to refer them to my friends and family ..

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey Clairep1, thank you for reaching out and I am sorry to hear this.

Are you getting an error when you are trying to log on?

Is Netflix defiantly included in your package?

Have you checked your spam and junk for these emails?

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?