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Simply the worst service ever

On our wavelength

Wow, I genuinely don’t know where to start.

My complaint and issues go back to May this year!!!

We are building a new home and unfortunately VM are the only ones offering fibre at that location. I contacted them to make them aware we would be moving and requested that they come to the house to install a cable from the road to the house (approx 20m) as we were having a new drive way and the builder had installed ducting under the drive for the cable. Our builder also said he wanted the cable in before he laid the drive in case there were any issues. 4 weeks on at the end of June, a VM engineer comes and does a survey. He recommended he supply some free issue cable so we could install ready for the move. No cable arrived, no engineers arrived.

Back on the phone. Promised an install team would be out within the week to sort the cable. Another 2 week passes - nothing. Back on the phone. Promised a team would absolutely be on-site “Thursday and we will give you 1 months service FOC as goodwill”. Thursday arrives, no engineers. Back on the phone. No credits given or any notes for the free month.

We are now in September and I have spent literally days on the phone, being passed from pillar to post, to the Phillipenes and back. Back on the phone.

A civils engineer turns up, does a small cut from the service to our wall and goes. No cable team, no install. Back on the phone. Now after over 5 months of sorting, a very upset builder, the cable team arrive, we help them install the cable as quite simply they were clueless.

Cable installed but as a result of the delay, my builder had to return to lay our driveway and so we posponed our “Movers” team appointment from 30th Oct 23 to 30th Dec 23 - and given I know how seriously bad virgin are, I contacted them prior to make sure they wouldn’t all of a sudden cut us off at our existing address and try to connect the new address. I had this confirmed on the phone and via the shockingly bad WhatsApp message service and I quote “I can confirm no service will be disrupted”.


Guess what? We were cut off despite the assurances we wouldn’t be. Back on the phone. A form needed to be completed and a reconnection request submitted. First call I was promised 24 hours, no service. Back on the phone. Then I was told 48 hours. Still no service. Back on the phone. After 57 hours our service came back on, but guess what, he’s the bonus prize…TNT sports had gone as a service (typical on Champions League week), our second box in our bedroom completely stopped working and they sent a new 18 month contact through and DOUBLED our charges 😭😭😭. Back on the phone.

Spoke with Yazmin in customer services, seemed as if she was on the ball, put credits on our account to bring the bills down. I then asked if the movers appointment had been put back to the end of December as previously confirmed. It had been moved back to 15th November (honestly you could laugh it’s that bad). She promised it would now be put back to the 12th Jan 24 (at my request) and the TV service should now be as it was previously.

I get home last night from work (7th Nov) no TNT sports, second box in our bedroom not working. Back on the phone.

Now speaking to David (Geordie accent) in the  retentions team. He actually said my account was all over the place and he’d never seen anything like it. My luck.

Virgin has only reconnected 1 of the 2 boxes and put us on a different service to what we had before, which took off TNT. He couldn’t do anything about it after 2 hours on the phone, said he would call me back today to sort as it needed the movers team back involved and they had now closed for the day.

Had a call back this evening from David, he confirmed we now needed to return a perfectly working box of last week and have a new secondary box sent out to us. He also said in order to get TNT sports back, he would need to put me through to Movers again. 45 minutes later I am now on with some Irish guy who tells me he can’t add any services back on and that the retention team are the only ones that can do it. I ask for David again, not available.

45 minutes later I get passed to some Indian guy who sounded like a robot (issue with his headset I was told), he put the phone down then called me back, issue not as bad but still difficult to hear him. I told him to read the notes as I refused to repeat the story again for the 9th time. He said he could add the secondary box for delivery and put TNT back on my account for a small charge. Honestly my head nearly come off my shoulders. 

He then said I would have to speak to retentions team for them to get the service back on FOC. I said you are meant to be retentions, he wasn’t, he didn’t have a clue.


Put back to retentions at 9pm, I left it ringing for over 30 minutes then was cut off.

Still without the service we had prior to virgin deciding to cut us off. Back on the phone tomorrow.

Moral of the story, avoid Virgin at all costs. If another provider is only a few pounds more expensive and you would receive a similar package, stay clear of Virgin. They are a complete mess in terms of organisation and internal communication is non-existent.


I will be cancelling with them in the morning having had 6 months of non stop issues, lies, bad service. It’s just not worth having to deal with them.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey danielford999, thank you for reaching out and a warm welcome to the community I am so sorry to hear about this.

I can see since this post you have been in contact with the team, did they manage to help at all? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?


I posted this yesterday evening and have had no contact with anyone at VM since.

Can’t honestly bring myself to picking up the phone again and spending 3 hours getting nowhere.

Still no service on our 2nd box, still no TNT sports. The only thing sorted is the Move has been reschedule to the 12th Jan as requested - but there is still time for that to go wrong!

I am sorry to hear this, did they give you a time limit on when they would call at all?

Also if they have scheduled this in did they say this would be it till Jan? Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

The home move I believe has been scheduled correctly now after 7 attempts.

However my service is still not correct at existing address and secondary box completely not working.


No call arranged.

Are all of the services available on the one box agreed to and showing in the contract? Did TNT Sports show on the clast contract sent?



TNT was on my contract and always has been.

We were disconnected by error.

We were then reconnected (only one box).


TNT is unavailable.

Our second box is not working.

On top of the 6 months of pure bad service, I’ve now had over a week of further lack of service.

No calls. No solution. Back on the phone when I can be bothered to cancel.

No to repeat.

TNT sports is not on my main box.

Our secondary box has no service.

Can someone call me so I can cancel all the services please. I have Sky in my area and want to swap over.

We understand the frustration and apologise for the service issues, we can see you have called and spoken to the team earlier today and discussed this. Were they able to resolve the issue or advise of the next steps?



Why do you keep saying I have been called - I HAVE NOT.

Nothing again.

Still no full service.

Still no secondary working box.

This is a prime example of one team saying something and the other doing nothing about it.

You all have my details.