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Ridiculous waiting times on phone and Whatsapp

On our wavelength

I'm looking to either renegotiate my package or leave after seeing my price go up from £51 to £63.40 this month, £75 the next month and then to £87 for a package that's far inferior than that offered to new customers for £31.99/month.

I tried phoning to no avail. just can't get through. Went on to Whatsapp around 10.30am and answered multiple questions. Finally got to an agent at 1pm. They said they would get back to me in 5-8 minutes. Still waiting at 3.40pm. Obviously as a customer of 27 years standing they don't care too much about me. How can you cancel if they don't answer the phones or even answer Whatsapp messages?


I have had a few auto messages saying about high call volumes due to unprecedented demand. Not surprised with these price increases and poor service!




Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi bioboybill, thanks for posting on our help forums and sorry to hear you're not happy with the prices we've quoted for your next deal with us.

Please, visit this link here where you can browse and get quoted for the services you want to get in a new 18 month contract - those are unique to you and attached to your account.

You can also contact our customer care team at 0345 454 1111, via text on WhatsApp at +447305 327 112 or by using the live chat button on the above page to discuss your options with us.

In case you're not happy to sign up for a new deal and bundle and wish to cancel, please use this page where you can check which way is best for you to reach out to the relevant team that will process this query for you, it will depend on the reason for your cancellation.

Apologies as we do not deal with package changes and contract renewals over this forum as we have a dedicated team for this.

About the long wait times you've experienced, we're sorry as when the queue is busy our WhatsApp team may take a while to respond back, but they always do so within a few hours max.

Lastly, allow us to explain WhatsApp is not an instant messaging service and our agents will reply once free.

Let us know if this helps and if you have more concerns, happy to advise.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

Hasn't got any better seems like distraction tactics are the order of the day. Engage the customer in three hour WhatsApp sessions then tell them the systems are down and cut the call.

Please just allow me to speak to someone briefly to cancel my account and put me out of my misery.

Whilst waiting I have googled at least three cheaper offerings from major suppliers.

You need to send a registered letter to their Sunderland address, to cancel your contract giving 30 days notice.