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Renewed contract

Tuning in

Hi, I have several ongoing issues regarding my old contract which was due to end 23/7/23 

we renewed contract which started on 29/8/23, and the oomph unlimited sim what was included in previous contract was not included in the new contract and we received confirmation that we removed a service on 5/9/23

we were never notified that we also had to cancel the sim with O2

the sim was only a item included in a bundle purchased from virgin media and not a contract purchased with virgin mobile 

the sim was always covered and paid for throw media bundle and each month we would receive a separate mobile bill that shows 

usage data-oomph unlimited sim and shows £0 

Since virgin migrated with O2

we have come aware that since January 2023? Every month we have been charged every month for the sim separate by voting mobile

i am still unable to resolve the issue as O2 have now sent this to a dept collection agent as we informed the bank to stop the payments in October 23

and there is an outstanding balance and as resulted in the credit agency black listed me an now get refused credit 

but I am more concerned as I was informed today due to me still chasing this matter ongoing that it’s been passed to a dept collection agency 

this is very worrying 


Tuning in

Can I also stress the dept is £954.00 billed by O2

Tuning in

I have been charged mobile bills from jan 23 to July 23 that total £112.14 and from O2 for aug 23 and sept 23 totals £53.21for a oomph unlimited sim what was covered by my media bill? 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi Rf61,

Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

Sincere apologies for the issues faced with getting the account cancelled, can we ask regarding this has the O2 team advised which team to contact?

As ourselves would not be able to gain access to cancel from here.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

When you were changed over to O2 you should have had a email with all the details. Basically your VM bill should have dropped by the amount of the mobile package and this amount was then paid to O2. I have Direct Debits set up and it was all seemless.

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I have contacted virgin media and O2 none stop since November, but still no one able to help

this was a item included in a media package deal and also never had a price for the item??

I have never had. Mobile account though virgin or O2

i have only ever been a virgin media customer?

also why is this sim £25 when you can buy a pay as you go sim with any network with unlimited calls and texts for the month for only £10

this is shocking 

I wish mine was, virgin media have just applied my account with a credit of £150.00 as my medial bill continuously increases every month from January 2023 through till July 2023

i just now need to know how to get refunded for virgin mobile payments that was also taken for the same sim that comes to £115.00 and refunded for the O2 charges of £54.00 for the same sim 

then I will deal with the £954.00 November bill dept!

Sorry to hear this Rf61, all our sim cards have gone over to O2 since 2023.

Have you spoke to them about looking for a refund or was this for a mobile phone rental? 

Did you have a sim card part of the package? 

We offer various prices for the sim cards.

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

The sim was part of the media package called the ultimate oomph bundle I purchased in January 2022 

I have only ever been a customer of virgin media and I have never been or had a mobile contact with virgin mobile 

So when my contact ended in July 2023? 
I renewed it and it started 29th August 2023

All my services couldn’t continue in new deal as virgin media no longer have a mobile department so o received notification that I have removed one of my services from virgin media and was removed on 5th September 2023!  

We moved sim cards over to O2 in 2023, and no longer do the oomph bundles so when you come to renew this would of been chargeable.

We now do something called Volt where you get a Virgin Media package and then a chargeable sim card with O2.

Did you get a letter / email confirming you are now with O2?

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?