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Renewed contract that I hadn’t agreed to

On our wavelength

I am very concerned because I spoke to retentions today about possibly leaving virgin as my contract is ending and I could not afford the increase in price and I was offered a new contract at a slightly increased price. I asked if there would then be a further price increase of 8.8% in April and I was told by the agent that the price I had been given included this 8.8% increase. I asked for this to be confirmed by email before I made any decision and I was told I would receive an email within 24 hours from the agent and then I should call Virgin back with my decision. This afternoon I received an email with a new contract attached. I have never received the email from the agent confirming that I would not be subjected to a further price rise in April. I am a disabled pensioner living on a state pension and I therefore only have a fixed budget. I did not agree to a new contract and consider that this is very unprofessional and could be deemed as fraud. I really don’t know what to do and I am very upset and worried.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @Suzanne123, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

Sorry to hear you were left to feel this way, after speaking to our team today.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner for a private message from me.



Joining in

This has happened to me also. I pressed get deal for £50 for renewal and was sent an email twice saying virgin media order documents and it’s still at £68.