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Renewed contract - still on ancient hub (sh2)

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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but I’ve seen others have some luck in getting a newer hub via these forums.

I renewed my contract with VM last year and was told I wasn’t entitled to any new hardware - despite the fact that I’ve had the same kit since ~2013, so I’m now on M250 with an ancient superhub 2. I was out of contract for a long time, so when I renewed I was effectively a new customer - but didn’t even get the hub that would have come with the package had I been a ‘proper’ new customer. I have to say that this is terrible customer service, just showing that long-standing loyal customers are completely taken for granted - let alone getting any benefits for staying with VM. 
Rant over, can anyone help me get onto some hardware that isn’t steam powered?



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @hocto8 

If your hub breaks it will be replaced with a hub 3. 

You should also find that as part of the /digital-voice-switchover  VM will upgrade you to a hub 3  for free when it takes place in your area - Info below from the above linked page

You’ve been asked to swap your WiFi Hub

If you have an older version of our WiFi Hub (Hub 1 or Hub 2), we need to replace it with a new Hub so you can make and receive phone calls over our fibre network.

What do I need to do?
Call us on 150 from a Virgin Media home phone or mobile, or 0345 454 1111 from any other phone to arrange for the Hub to be swapped over. If it’s suitable, we can arrange for free home delivery. You’ll need to verify your account info, so make sure you’ve got it handy.

What happens if I don’t arrange to get a new Hub?
If you have an older version of the WiFi Hub (so, a Hub 1 or Hub 2), and you haven’t arranged to swap it for a new one, we will place a call restriction on to your account. This means you’ll only be able to receive inbound calls and dial emergency services (999). If you try to make an outbound call, it’ll be diverted to our Virgin Media contact centre so you can arrange to get your Hub swapped over.

If call restrictions are applied to your phone line, any alarm or device connected to your home phone service will no longer work, so it’s super important that you arrange to get a new Hub to avoid any disruption. If we know or have reason to believe that you have a healthcare alarm or telecare device, we won’t place the restriction on your account – but it is still important that you book an appointment to ensure your services keep working.

If we still don’t hear from you to swap your Hub, your home phone service will stop working once the switchover takes place.The date for the switchover is in the letter we have sent you.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi hocto8,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you feel it is bad customer service due to having the same Router for many years, we only swap Routers if you have an issue with them, as you are on our 250MB package the Router you have is sufficient, are you currently facing connection issues?




The superhub 2 should have been replaced by now. They cannot cope with extra bonded download channels and as a result, if you area has heavy traffic, you would notice this as no extra channels to "spread the load over".

You shouldn't have to pay either - VM already swapped out loads of these old devices especially in areas where there are extra download channels available so customer doesn't suffer from slow speeds and you have BB speed tier of 200mbps or more. If you have the VM phone service, you would need the HUB3 or above to work with Digital Voice.