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Referral Reward Confusion

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I recently recommended a friend who took up virgins services. However, my father has received an email from Aklamio to set up a referral account. In the past we have used my mobile number to contact Virgin about my fathers account (as he is hard of hearing). Is is possible the reward has been done by mobile number rather than account number?




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @mingsy 

Welcome back to the community forums 

Sorry to hear of your confusion with your refer and friend. 

This email is standard from Aklamio to advise those that have used a referral code to set up an account so that they can claim their rewards. There will be an email registered on your father's account and used as a preferred contact method. 

Here to help 🙂
Virgin Media Forums Agent

Up to speed

Hi Carley,

I think you have misunderstood, my father hasn't referred anybody. I have referred a friend from my account but my father received the referral email from Aklamio. I think it is because both accounts have the same mobile number registered?

Thank you @mingsy to confirm was a text message received? 

If so was it addressed to you but sent to you Dad? If the credit was applied for using your account this is where it should be applied, but the teams would use the contact information on the account to reach out?

Hi Ashleigh,

No it wasn't a text, it was an email sent to my fathers account. No credit has been applied to any account as yet.

Thank you @mingsy 

When entering the information for the refer a friend did you include your own information for the account? Is your Dad's email also on this account as a contact email? 

Was the email addressed to him or you?

The information supplied was for my own account. My account and my fathers accounts are not connected in anyway other than in the past I have used my mobile as a contact for him with Virgin. The referral email was sent to my father but does not refer to any name.

Thank you @mingsy 

We do not handle the credit but I would be happy to check your account and see if the email is linked here. I will need to pop you a private message in order to do so. 

I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.