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Recently Returned Customer, cant create new online account

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Ive recently returned back to Virgin media, when i ordered, i did it through the telephone and they used my old account details to do the order.

I have been sent new account details (number), and have been told i need to use a new email to register this new account (when i log into my old account, its the old number and no services).  When i go to register my new account number and new email, the webpage keeps telling me 

We've found you!

Account already set up

Looks like there's already an account set up with the email address below.


Trying to register for a different account?

You’ll need to give us a few more details to help us find it.


I click the 'Trying to register for a different account' and it puts me in a loop and repeats the above message.

Can anyone help?





Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Timbradley21,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issue with your online account. 

I am happy to take a look into this. I will private message you now. 


On our wavelength

Hi Martin

i replied to your pm and have not heard back for a few days, can you please help

Any help?

On our wavelength

Still no contact. I have now received an email stating my first bill, but I cannot log in to see this. I could do with help with this issue

On our wavelength

Anyone? @Martin_N you have been online multiple times since last Tuesday and not responded to this thread or pm?