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No Response from Homemovers

Tuning in

I am due to disconnect on 20/05/2024


I spoke to Virgin Media about the early disconnection fee. They said as I am moving to an area they cannot supply, I won't need to pay the EDF. Part of the message added below.


I have since sent them a water bill, and a council tax bill with the new address which they cannot supply. The two emails were sent to as requested.


I have had no response and I am quite concerned this EDF is going to be applied. I have spoken to them several times and no one seems to be able confirm if the EDF has been removed.


"If you can provide us the required documentation showing your new address within the next 28 days we will apply a credit to your account removing the early disconnection fee. Once you confirm, you will receive an email to your registered email address which will outline all of the details and required documentation you need to provide to us. Upon sending the documentation a correspondence will be sent back to you detailing the next steps.

The documents that will be accepted are:

Bank Statement

Mortgage Information

Rental Agreement

Driving Licence

Insurance Documentation

Utility Bill"


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Jordanhardie,

Thanks for posting this on our Community Forums, we are sorry to hear you're leaving us soon but we are happy to hear you're moving into a nice new home 😊

I apologise that the Team have not replied to you about the EDF's after you've sent in your documents, but we can see from your services on our side that you may have spoken to someone recently about this. 

Could you confirm whether this is true and what they mentioned?



Yes I have spoken to someone recently about this, but they have not confirmed anything, just like i mentioned in my post. 

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hey @jordanhardie,

Thanks for getting back to us, with regards to the email sent, can you confirm when you sent this to the team?


I sent two emails each with a utility bill

The first was sent on the 23rd of April and the second was sent on the 2nd of May,



29th of April - first email

2nd of May - second email 

Thank you for that information. Since your last post have you had any further response?


Tuning in

Hi Martin,


No, I have not received any further information 

Hi @jordanhardie 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Forum Team

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