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Netflix overcharge

Joining in

Since August 2023 I have been charged for Netflix. I NEVER asked or signed up for Netflix.I have spent 7 hours talking to eleven VM customer services agents. All agree and admit there is a “problem” and promise to adjust bills and to send emails confirming that the “problem” at VM end is resolved. Nothing. Only in November was I not charged for Netflix, so it must be possible.Netflix has no record of my name or email address affiliated to a VM account.This month, after eight months of being charged incorrectly for Netflix, I have been overcharged again.Contacting VM is a challenge in itself. VM customer services is lamentable, inefficient and useless. I hope that this forum is my last and final step towards resolving the issue. All I am asking for is to be reimbursed and stop being overcharged by VM. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey There,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to see you are being charged for Netflix which you have advised you never asked for, so I can help I have sent an invite into a private chat, please click on the white envelope to accept.



Joining in

Sadly I think that like the rest of us you’re going to have to get “battle hardened” Nothing is easy with VM, unless you’re trying to make a payment when their response is almost immediate!!! Try to solve a problem and you’re in there for the long haul.

In my case I have thought about contacting the Ombudsman but quite frankly was disgusted by the initial response which effectively told me that I had to allow them to carry on taking money from my account whilst I tried to resolve the issue and then only after 8 weeks could I begin a referral. My response to that was to say why should I allow VM to take money from my account wrongfully just so it satisfies some procedural “requirement”.

To stop the “theft” I cancelled my DD but of course despite being told it would not happen I am being threatened by VM Billing Services with suspension 

Hey Martin342, thank you for reaching out and I can see you've been in contact with about this on another thread.

I can also see we've looked at this, did the team manage to get this resolved for you? 

If not please do follow up on your chat with my colleague. 

Matt - Forum Team

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