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Netflix added to bill when not requested

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Hi, since December we have been charged £17.99 for virgin stream. We have never asked for this or used it. We have a separate Netflix account that we pay direct to Netflix (smart tv, nothing to do with virgin media)

we got the charge cancelled in January but then again this month we have been charged!!!!!

when you go on to Netflix via virgin there is an active account but with Asian profiles that are locked 

have tried contacting virgin numerous times to be either disconnected or told I need to contact Netflix but I do not have any details of the virgin account 

help please 🙏 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Stulee007 👋 Thank you for your post and welcome to the Virgin Media Community 😀

We're sorry to hear about the poor experience you've had and that you feel this way 😔

In order to look into this for you further, we'll send you a private message on here. Look out for the envelope in the top right-hand corner.

If you're on a portable device with a smaller screen, click on the icon in the top right-hand corner and select "messages" from the additional menu options.


Joining in

So Im not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My TV box broke in November and ever since then Ive been getting a 17.77 charge for streaming Netflix.  Since 2017 like you I have been paying directly to Netflix via CC (smart TV} I phoned and complained and 2 Dec got and email from Virgin saying the Netflix Streaming had been removed and everything sorted yet each month I am STILL getting this charge.  Ive used web complaints and replies saying all sorted yet this week my bill arrived with yet another 17.99 streaming charge.  I just dont know what to do but I do know when my contract is up Im leaving Virgin for good after being with them for 16 years I've now had enough

On our wavelength

It happened to me, and many others.  Virgin have been hacked, but are not treating it as fraud and identity theft as they should be.  If you tell them it's fraudulent and they still take your money - they are committing a crime.