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Netflix activation code

On our wavelength

Just entered into another contract and the nightmare starts


can anyone from VM send me a Netflix activation link email please as 4 days of inept customer services as taken it’s toll 


Thanks for coming back to me @QKhan.

Since moving into the new house, have you set up a new self-care account?

With this, does the activate option appear on the dashboard of the self-care account?



Thanks for getting back to me David, I’m not sure what you mean by self-care account? 

This would be where you check in on your bills.

Please click this link to log into your self-care account.

If you however haven't registered since moving into your new address, you'll need to go through the registration process.



Thanks. I haven’t created a new account as I haven’t needed to, I only moved homes and didn’t cancel or change the contract. The account I use to manage my services is the one I used for the sign up last year. 

I’ve logged into the self service and can’t see any activate option for Netflix. 

Thanks QKhan,

So I can get a few more details from you, I've popped you over a private message.