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Keen to join but still not available after months?

Tuning in

Virgin Media has been installing cables for months in my area - but when checking the website it still says unavailable, if I check round the postcode round the corner it says 'coming soon', and now when I check my address it doesn't even have my house number listed and asks me to report it to VM, which I did a couple of weeks ago but haven't heard anything since.

I live in Elton in Chester, Cheshire - am keen to know when sign-ups will be available as it's been so long now and it doesn't look like anymore work is ongoing - I even have a VM exchange box just over the road from my house which has been there for over a month, so seeing everything there and ready to setup without the option to do so is frustrating. I've tried getting in touch through online chat but unfortunately didn't get anywhere 😞 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi aceiashen,

Thank you for your post and welcome to the community. 

We're happy to hear you're looking to join us when possible. 

We can certainly look into seeing if there is any more information we can provide. 

I will private message you now with regards to this. 


Joining in


I have the same issue. I also live in Chester and I’m very keen on signing up to virgin media. They laid down the cable to the post that gives me service in September. Any idea of when will it go live?