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How to track a complaint

Joining in

How do you track an open complaint?  When I try to check via, it just takes me to the page where you submit a new complaint


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi @coxley 

If you've already submitted a complaint then sign into My Virgin Media.

Scroll down to the Quick Links at the bottom of the page and click on Track Complaint.

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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello coxley


Thanks for posting in regards to your complaint and how to track it, welcome to the community.


Our complaints code of practice can be found here outlining how you can raise your concerns with us. If you have already been provided with a reference you can check it online here



When I try and track my complaint, this is what I get



But I have an active/open claim

Were you given a complaints reference coxley? When was it raised as it can take up to 28 days for the complaint to be fully investigated and an offer of resolution made.



On our wavelength

I submitted a complaint earlier on and the same happened to me, it did not register.

I had to retype the whole complaint and do it again, and this time when i did it i got a complaint reference number, and an email to say that the complaint had been submitted.

Seems like the website is pretty crap tbh, live chat not working either......................i wonder why ???


Yes, I was given a Complaint reference, even got the email as evidence.  But no way of getting any progress updates.  I've also has confirmation via the WhatsApp support route (don't get me started on that one) that it's open.  Looks like it's intentional - they probably think a high percentage of customers won't bother chasing up the complaint.  But I will keep chasing.  Might raise another complaint as advised above

Alessandro Volta

The failure of the complaints updates page is a long standing and well known fault, running for well over a year now.  I know this because I saw this a year ago when I raised a complaint, and there's been many other reports in this forum.  I believe it sometimes works for some users, but that's no help for those who find it every bit as helpful as the rest of VM's customer service.

The good news is that a lack of visibility in the complaints updates page doesn't mean that VM aren't diligently working on a response to your complaint (that they aren't is a given - the good news is simply that you're not being singled out).  As long as you have a complaint reference number then it'll be in some third world workflow queue, waiting for a disinterested offshore slave to either carve out a fob off response (see below), or maybe close it without any action at all.

Even if the complaint update did work it probably won't help you much - VM deal with complaints to a standard that beggars belief in this day and age, and that's because the company still thinks and acts as though it has a monopoly of high speeds.  The poor quality of complaint responses is remarkable - we often see the results posted here by unhappy customers, and these seem to be cobbled together from a mix of  "drop down" text responses that bear no relation to the actual complaint, in a poor quality wrapper text that looks like failed homework from the "English as a foreign language" course.  

All you can really do is treat VM's complaint's process as a necessary step on the path to Ombudsman Services.  VM evidently hope that by making complaining as slow and unproductive as possible, then people will generally give up.  I suspect they're right, judging by VM's routinely poor performance in Ofcom's quarterly Hall of Shame.

Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi @coxley

Thank you for your reply, I am truly sorry for the level of service you have had  on the process of your complaint and that you have had no updates, I can look into this for you, and will pop over a PM, asking for some details. Keep an eye out for the little envelope 📩.


On our wavelength

There is no option in Quick Links to track a complaint.

I raised a complaint today because after wasting 1 hour+ yesterday jumping through VM support hoops and finally speaking to an agent (supposed to be a technician), I was no further forward and did not receive the promised response from technical within 3 hours.

I rang again today and spoke to retentions, asking them to raise a complaint.  Apparently Rollen (the agent from yesterday) had noted the result of yesterday's problem inaccurately and not mentioned the 3 hour response.

This makes me very angry. 

Today's agent then supposedly transferred me to Technicians - the call was then cut off (as usual).  There seems to be an inability within VM to successfully transfer a call - this for a comms company!

Customer service is becoming non-existent at VM.

I need to speak to an INFORMED technician regarding the inablity to watch the new interactive Sky Sports tennis channel on the red button to open multiple match choices.

I pay a lot of money for my VM package and am increasingly frustrated.  I am thinking of cancelling and moving to something like NOVtv which doesn't appear to have all these problems.

Can someone tell me how to check my complaint on MyVirginMedia as the original instructions are no longer relevant.