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House Move Cut Me Off Early


I told them I want the internet moving on the 3rd, they assured me the internet would be fine and working until I move house, and my ex has ordered virgin to be installed a few days before just incase.

HOWEVER, Midnight has just hit and you've disconnected me from the internet completely,  my account is unmanageable because you've changed all my details to a new account (my volt boost had better still be there).

I made it totally clear about needing internet, and the staff reassured me time and time again (why do I ever listen to virgin media).  I don't want to have to call, I want it on tomorrow morning.  First thing.

As for the "New Account" you've given me, it flashes up with a £150 bill before showing "Preparing your property for installation".  Well, I wasn't told there was a service move cost or installation cost.

I kept with Virgin Media because it was the easiest solution, but you're making it very difficult playing these stupid games, and if it carries on I'll be gone to BT, I'm not even in Contract atm.... and if your staffs signed me up to a new one, then nope cos I never signed or agree'd to one.

Honestly this is utterly shocking.

EDIT:  I've just read elsewhere on the forum that there's a £20 self install cost for moving, which I was never made aware of, and reading up that's for a self install... my property has never had Virgin Media installed at it before, so I gather that's where the £150 has come from?   Again, wasn't made aware there was a cost, so you can't be charging me, and if you insist on it I will just cancel my service right now.

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi itsadam

I'm sorry to hear the account has been closed earlier than agreed. 

I'd be happy to take a look at this for you and review the charges for the new account at the new property also. 

I will send you a private message now.

Please look out for the envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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So, they're telling me it will be atleast 24-48hrs before my service would be active at the old address.

They're telling me my ex partner can't sign up for virgin whilst I'm active on the property (even though).

So anyway, you're offering me £100 to stay and that's not enough, on top of that you'r refusing to tell me how much my final bill is so I can query it now, and because you've butchered my online account I can't cancel my Direct Debit which means you're free to take HOWEVER much YOU want out without my permission even if its the wrong ammount.

. o O ( VM Gig1 Customer )