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Help!!! Disconnected 6 weeks early!

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I am absolutely disgusted by my experience with virgin media and how they have handled my cancellation request and am desperate for some help. 

on 19/05 I cancelled my package and we agreed a switch off date of 30/06. Which I have in writing on WhatsApp. 2 days later on 21/05 my services were all cancelled. 

I spoke to an advisor who agreed that a mistake had been made as they hadn’t even given the 30 day cancellation period. I was advised my services would be reinstated within 48 hours which would have been Tuesday. I was appalled by this but was told they could not switch it on any earlier. I asked to speak to a manger and was assured I would receive a call on Monday…. Surprise surprise no manager called. 

it is now Thursday and I still have no tv, phone or broadband. I have made multiple complaints, called up and sent a number of messages. All in all I have spent close to 8 hours over the last few days trying to get this sorted and am so frustrated and upset. 

I have been told conflicting information. On Wednesday I was told my services were back on but there was a network error in my area which is why it wasn’t working.  Today I have been told that I can’t have my services reinstated unless I take out a new contract!!!!. 

this evening I spent 45 minutes on the phone and eventually my phone was cancelled. I tried on my mums and as soon as ai entered my landline number it was cut off. Seems virgin media don’t wNt to talk to me. 

I work from home at times and have a young person doing their GCSEs. We have had to buy more data so we can use our WiFi on our phones. 

virgin media customer services have been shocking. I have been lied to and ignored. 

please tell me this is out of order and not normal practice and advise what I should do. 
I bave contacted the Ombudsman but need to hear back from Virgin media regarding my complaint before I can take it any further. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Good Morning @Qwertywerty, thanks for your post on our Community Forums, and a very warm welcome to you!

I'm terribly sorry to hear of the poor experience when attempting to disconnect the services on a date that was suitable for you.

Check out the envelope in the top right hand corner and I'll do all I can to assist you further.

Kindest regards,


Joining in

got the same issue