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Has to be 30 days to give notice?

Problem sorter

I've asked to leave given the proposed price increases but have been told I have to leave it until 30 days to go and then ring back again....

Has anyone been able to set to leave before the 30 day minimum notice period?

My contract still has nearly 2 months to go, but given the prices I have been quoted to renew I wish to go elsewhere once that is up. The extra add on cost for TNT Sports is a blow too.

Speaking to the agent on the phone was painful, with a bad line (me on VM landline and him apparently in India) and him having to keep going off to check - the various renewal/recontract emails didn't even work.

I know a bit about Wi-Fi, Telecoms, and TV as I used to do it for a living but I'm not perfect so don't beat me up... If you make things you make mistakes!