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Contract renewal

Joining in

Good evening, will be out of contract soon so have been looking about as you do, VM member I spoke to on messenger could not offer me a better price instead trying to offer me a package multiple time that I did not want .. just can't work out why you can offer your new customers half decent prices but completely shaft your existing customers?! This whole money grabbing commission is a **bleep** take aswell pushing sales ain't good for your customers ESPECIALLY if they have told you they don't want what your offering.. if my partner cancels could I then sign up as a new customer? I don't want to leave as the BB speed is half sensible where we are but if it going to cost over £70 quid from originally £40 but you can offer your new customers just for BB £29.99 then would it be best to go with another provider?

Kind regards 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @Dionne93,

Thank you for your post and welcome to our community forums. We're here to help.

I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your current bundle and offers that were discussed by the team. New customers will receive an introductory offer when they first join us, but we also have plenty of deals available for existing customers too.

If you're stating that your partner is the account holder then we'd recommend that they make contact with the retentions team on 0345 454 1111 (or 150 from a Virgin Media landline) and they'll be able to outline what options are available.

Let us know if there's anything more that we can help with.


Zach - Forum Team
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Good afternoon,

So after phoning the number you have provided which I got through on the 1st call to be put on "hold" as I was told to be put through to the cancellation team after being offered a further reduced offer from originally first offer of £57 to which they offered me at £52  and that was I quote "the absolute best offer they could do" .. I waited on hold for maybe just over 1 minute to be disconnected.. 3 more phone calls after that to not get through to anyone and just be disconnected straight away .. on the 5th attempt to go through the same exact bollocks and guess what to be disconnected again !!! .... Finally on the 6th attempt to get through to someone who put me through to the department I needed to be at and someone you can actually understand on the phone aswell to then be offered my same package at the same price I was paying before to me I was happy with that.. but why have all the bollocks of trying to get your existing customers to pay more and force more packages on them and trying to justify as its a way better deal than your on when it clearly ain't! .. my advice to anyone that's trying to get a better price is to stick to your guns that you ain't paying more and say your leaving as you get put through to the super deals team that can actually offer you better than the offshore call centres that you can't understand and mislead you into thinking that there offering you the best possible package they can do which clearly bloody aint.. maybe all us existing customers should just boycott VM all together to teach them loyalty of existing customers should be rewarded for exactly that loyalty!! 

All a big money making con!! 

Alessandro Volta

VM's approach is to make the whole business of renewing as difficult and complicated as possible. They do this much creating a series of ever-changing offers and prices which aims to bamboozle the customer as to what exactly they are getting, and for how much. It is often reported on here that individual customers can be paying wildly different prices for exactly the same package of services.

VM wants renewing customers to engage directly with a sales agent so the agent can try to upsell you a higher-priced package or additional services.

Whether or not a customer gets a good deal, or not, might depend on a whole bunch of things including how good the customer is at negotiating. An increasing number of topics on here, just recently, seem to suggest that the best prices only come through once the customer has cancelled (although no guarantee that will actually happen either, VM may just let the customer go).

If you have now renewed, do check the written info that comes through in detail and confirm that what's in writing matches up exactly with what you discussed on the phone.