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Contract renewal - support lied and now calling it a misunderstanding

Joining in

As a new user, I got a 18 month contract for £24 that should have ended on 09/02. 

When I saw that my next bill due to paid on 14/02 ( in theory after the end of the contract) was for £58 , I got in touch with support to understand this and what could be offered to remain a customer.

To be honest I never had an issue with the service.

After a painful time with chat support I couldn't get a reasonable reason why I was going to be charged more than the double if my contract was ending before that date. 

On 02/02, contacted the support again (via whatsapp) and after some back and forth I was offered the option to keep my current package for £36. Before accepting the offer and to avoid misunderstandings, I specifically asked ( several times ) what would happen to that £58 bill and was told that I wouldn't need to pay that amount and I was provided with the breakdown of future charges. Again I asked if I wouldn't be paying anything on the 14/02 and they confirmed it.

Few days went by and I noticed that on my account that £58 bill was still there. Contacted the support again only to be told that there was a misunderstanding and that now I would have to pay those £58 because the bill was already pending. I didn't accept that answer and was transferred to the customer relations team that tried to explain the billing flow and apologised for the misunderstanding. Again I didn't accept the answer and was told that my case had been escalated to a supervisor. As 14/02 was fast approaching, I asked how long until hear from them and was told not to worry.

Today, one day before the due date for the £58 bill, contacted the support and it was an appalling experience. Initial agent asked me to explain the issue again and then ignored what I said providing me the breakdown of future charges and even throwing some random £27 amounts in there. I complaint and was transferred, only to be asked to describe my issue (again). I did and they come back with what I can only classify as a joke of a response. I was informed that I would just need to pay those £58 and from there would be paying the new price (£36), When I complaint about not having understood my request, I was asked to call the billing team for more information. 

I pushed back saying that needed everything in writing so I could have proof of what's being discussed and was then careless redirected to open a claim.

Bottom line, what support deem a misunderstanding, I call a lie to have a customer renew a contract. When something is asked several times and the answer is the same, afterwards it can't be classed as a misunderstanding but an intentional lie.

I did open the claim and will open claims with other entities if this is not resolved. I am not asking anything special, just  that you to do what you claimed would do, that simple. You can't just lie to customers and hope that nothing will come from that,

When contacting the support for any reason, don't do it over the phone. Even if they then claim that something was just a misunderstanding, there will be written proof showing otherwise.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey mig85,

Welcome to the community and thanks for taking the time to post here on the forums. I’m sorry to hear of the issues that you’re having with your contract renewal at the moment, I'm not sure why you were advised that you wouldn't need to pay the bill by the team as you would have to pay that bill, if you were going onto a new contract. I would be happy to take a further look into this for you but first I would need to confirm a few details via private message, please look out for my message and we can get started.
Kind Regards,