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Contract renewal offers changed after talking to Customer Service

Joining in

My renewal is coming up in May and Virginmedia sent me a renewal offer for £31 per month for 1Gig broadband plan via email. When I logged in, i could clearly see those offers when I login to my Virginmedia account.

I talked to the customer service to see if I can get a better deal. The offers I got from them were appalling, £52 from Phone CS and £48 via Whatsapp for exactly the same package. I politely declined it and now when I login to my Virginmedia account. The offer has been changed from £31 to £36. This happened within minutes of declining the offer given by CS guy on Whatsapp.  How can this happen ? I already have a pre-contract documents (PDF) with £31 emailed to me earlier today. 

Any similar experiences with CS?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @jkcool,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with your contract, I would like to look into this further with you and see what we can do to resolve this, for me to do so I will be sending you a private message now.



Lol £31 or £36, still better than £75.07 for 500mbps BB only I got. Eventually they came down lower, but no interest in 18 month contracts with escape clause removed. 2 price rises legally held to and you don't know amount upfront or whether they will change from calculating rise on discounted price or full package price in that contract duration......

Dialled in

This is what does my head in with virgin the prices are all over the place

My contract has just expired and i got offered 1gb for £56

the website for offers just doesn't work