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Contract Renewal

On our wavelength

I've been out of contract for a few months now, as the cost of renewing before the contract was going to increase substantially, and I wanted to look at other options. As such, I've been on a 30-day rolling contract at the original price. My contract was for Gig1 Fibre Broadband + Maxit TV (TNT Sports channels included) + Talk Weekends for £87.00 per month, now going up to £94.65 on 16 April.

To see if there was a better deal available, I just looked at the Renew Your Package, but when I checked "My current package", it said Gig1 Fibre Broadband + Mega TV + Weekend chatter. Looking into the difference between Maxit TV and Mega TV, I would lose the TNT Sports channels, this now seemingly an £18.00 add-on.

Anyway, the offer was this 'current' package (with the Mega TV change) plus a "Get WiFi Max included at no extra cost" at £73.00 a month. First, I'm unsure whether this is this price (£73) includes or excludes any increase in April. I'm also unsure whether, if I stay on the rolling contract, will I still get TNT Sports or will this be withdrawn at some point.