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Can't get anywhere with customer service

Joining in


Is anyone else having issues getting anywhere with customer services on queries or issues?

I have tried in vein for 4 hours yesterday and another 1.5 hours today to get a contract issue resolved with VM customer service, I'm getting nowhere. They have also failed twice to raise a complaint for me when asked and have not sent an email they confirmed they would.

They have messed up on a contract renewal date costing me money and making me lose out on a month of my current contract at a cheaper rate. They can't give me a straight answer. It's a simple fix, change the renewal contract date, I never asked for the service from the date they actioned.

The customer service is shocking and they don't care one bit. They seem like they are stalling.

I will be forced to cancel my full services with them in the next 24 hours at this rate. I've never known such blatant disregard for customers.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Thanks for reaching out to us @LGRAH, and welcome back to our Community Forums!

I'm sorry to hear of the issues with the contract and the renewal date.

Can you please expand on the changes that have been made?

If this is the removal and downgrading of the services, we would expect a 30 day notice period to be served, unlike upgrades, where new content and uplifts in services would be applied instantly, due to the fact we bill in advance for our services



The changes made were to recontract from the end of my current contract, this has been done with the incorrect start date by VM retention team.  I have a 14 day cooling off period which has been confirmed to me which will remove this new contract and revert me back to my old one. If I have to cancel both contracts and go to another provider I will as this is a ridiculous at this point to stil have no resolve 2 days later.

I've been 'on hold' on WhatsApp since 7.30pm last night and am now being told over 12 hours later I have to contact back again in 2 hours. It's appalling, I have screens shots of messages promising the date will be reverted and promising the matter will be looked into and me emailed in 24 hours, this was Monday its now Wednesday and still nothing has been sorted by VM.


Thanks for confirming this for us, I would like to go about looking into this further with you to see what we can do, for me to do so I will need to confirm some information off you via a private message.