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Beware - Contracts/accounts nightmare - feel like i've been scammed

Dialled in

I cancelled my contract at the end of April and gave the 30 days notice before the price increase - called back by retentions what felt like only 10 minutes later. I had a really odd experience where they seemed to offer me the world including huge credits and I accepted. There were a few red flags I should have taken a step back for - such as asking me for a different name to set the account up, but the deal was just too good, they told me it was exactly the same as I had bar the loss of TNT. The other red flag was the sms i got after agreeing the contract saying i had a new telephone number

30 days later - i was on holiday and on the renewal date all the services died - all my smart home stuff went down but also i was told a new load of equipment had been sent out. Called up vm to see what was going on - this was my first of 4 cs agents i spoke to over the next few days.

With the first agent she worked out what was going on and promised to get my old account reconnected temporarily to bring my old equipment back online and that she would call me back after 72 hours and confirm the new pricing. I let that time pass and none of the services came back online, i even got someone to restart my equipment just in case.

I gave it an extra 24 hours and still nothing so i called up - got thru to Phil - explained exerything - was on for about 35 mins and he said he needed to pass it over to another team - I asked him to explain my case to the new agent coming on and he put me on hold for another 10 mins  - new agent answered and nothing had been passed to her - she then passed me over to Lisa in Customer support.

Lisa at this point informs me that the request to reconnect the old services had been refused - and the only real option was to continue on the new contract - but with a realisation that the new contract only had one tv box - not the 3 there should be, but she couldn't add them there and then. Lisa says she would call me back 48 hours later - she didn't. Got someone to install my router just to get services back on line.

At the same time i start getting messages from o2 saying i'm in arrears by a month and they were limiting my services - i hadn't received a sim or a contract from o2. Cue an hour long phone call to 02, first guy just told me to cancel it - 2nd guy told me i shouldn't do that as it will affect my vm service speeds. Decided to stick at it as i need a sim anyway.

Oh, and i got billed £17.99 by netflix thru paypal on the day the accounts changed over.

All the above done on holiday - about 5 hours of calls from the USA.

Get back this morning and decided to call vm to get the situation with the missing wifi pods and tv boxes sorted - on the phone to the first guy, explain everything again -  75 mins - he can't order the boxes and i need to speak to retentions. He can't order a pod either, even if i've got no wifi in Retentions starts up his script - how is your broadband speed - this is after i've already been told the other guy has explained the situation. During the call with the first guy, he tells me the email address has been input differently for the new account.

I'm still on hold now with retentions, just shy of 90 minutes now and can't see a resolution incoming, I feel like I'm on hold while they wait for my battery to run out or something. What am i supposed to do? at the moment I am thinking to cancel the whole lot down as I'm still in the 14 days.

Somebody help, any advice?





Dialled in

112 minutes - off the call - Ver says he will go and listen to the retenrion call with his manager and call me back. I'm not hopeful and am now very concerned about this whole situation. They wanted to bill me £15 per month to get the 2 additional boxes - plus an engineer visit of £35, why would i need that? the 2 boxes are already there, i didn't even get a chance to remove the old ones yet - ok, send me new boxes if needed but I'm not paying to have them installed!

Thanks for reaching out to us @biffyg, and I'm sorry to hear of the issues you've been experiencing with our team in relation to the renewal of the services.

Do please keep us posted with the call back from a manager and we'll be on hand to assist further if this is required.



Thanks David, I have a feeling after being let down twice already for call backs I'll be reaching out very soon. Feel free to drop me a pm.

The 14 days are winding down and my educated guess is that the promised callback will never materialise. I suggest putting a stop to the whole circus today before it is too late. Your call. 

Cancel VM here
Complain to VM
Demand compensation from VM here
Demand your call recordings here
Monitor the state of your VM connection here

I think you are right to be honest, will give it till tomorrow afternoon.

Do please keep us posted @biffyg, and we'll be on hand to assist if this is required.



Been over 24 hours - no call back as predicted byt the guys above @David_Bn , what can you do?


Thank you for popping back to us @biffyg this does sound like a very frustrating situation and I am so sorry again that you have had this experience. 

I am going to pop you a private message so we can take a full look into everything and see what has happened and also how we can best resolve this. I will pop you a PM across now, please keep an eye out for the envelope at the top of your screen alerting you to a new message.

I think it's tomorrow, I'm going to call again now.