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Account cancelled still being billed

Tuning in

I cancelled my account with VM on the 18th of September and I was told it would be disconnected on the 18th of October, so that is fine with me.

I have a new ISP which was installed on the 28th of September and I was also having my phone number ported across to new provider, this has now been done. I was asked by VM to give them a call to let them know when the port had been done so as I wouldn't be charged for any telephone usage.

I have just been on the phone with VM who thanked me very much for this information, now the thing is.....why have I just got a monthly bill from VM with is due to be taken from my bank on the 29th of October.

I am somewhat confused.

Kind Regards



Alessandro Volta

VM continues to bill you on the normal billing schedule right up until your disconnection date.

Shortly after you are disconnected you should receive a final bill from VM.

If you are in debit you pay VM and leave. If you are in credit VM refunds you the balance.

Thanks for that.

Been with them from the onset (and before that was with Cable & Wireless/Nynex/NTL) and never missed a payment.

Will just wait patiently and see what transpires.

Again many thanks.

Just joined

I cancelled in November for disconnection in December. Received confirmation email that we are leaving. Paid final bill. Now received a bill for January and February. Can't get anywhere on the phone!

Send to finance ombudsman, I will be doing the same and citizen advice if we get this as we're now leaving and had nothing but issues - gave 30 days notice and they terminated wtihin 24hrs.