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switchover date

please tell me when my fibre network home phone switchover date is. i'm OX4 6HX postcode.my adapter has arrived, but no switchover date 'in the letter we're sending you'. no letter with a date has got to me

obrother by Joining in
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Call charge

Hi all, I'm a new virgin customer. I took the M250 & landline, volt package. Although I'll be moving to the mega package on 30th Nov which includes Anytime Chatter.My question is, on my initial bill it shows a call cost of 48p, not a bank breaking am...

pcdoc69 by Joining in
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Landline not working

My landline hasn't been working for a few days and I cannot get through to anyone on the phone because I can't remember my memorable word. I am 85 years old and I need an engineer to come round and look at it for me. This is urgent.

Transfer of old landline number

My old BT landline, that I've had for over 20 years, had not ported across when I switched to VM even though I had requested to keep it. How do I get Virgin to rectify this? Olivia 

Landline busy when ringing in, no dial tone on handsets

This seems to be a common theme, but for the last week we have had no dial tone when we pick up either of the handsets we have - one connected to a wall socket and one plugged in as an extension. If we ring the landline number, it comes up as line bu...

Pontius by Joining in
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Landline not working

Hi my landline has not been working for over a week. There is no dial tone and if I call it from my mobile I receive the message ‘you’ve dialled an incorrect number,. Please can you look into this?

RT786 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Phone line dead

My Virgin landline has been dead for a few days now. It's a traditional line over copper wire.I have tried connecting another handset to the socket with the same result, no dialing tone and no calls received.How do I go about getting it fixed?Thanks

VoIP date

Yesterday, November 3rd, I received an SMS from Virgin media saying “remember, you need to plug your adapters into the Virgin Media hub tomorrow”. I duly did this the next morning, and only after some confusion read the rest of the message, which sai...

Cyoung by Tuning in
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Home Phone Weekend Chatter

How do I make a complaint? On 11th October, I contacted you to ask for weekend chatter to change to Talkmore Chatter, to which you agreed.  That meant an increase in my Monthly Bill from £59 to £64 monthly. It's now 3rd November, and nothing has chan...

yebhw by Tuning in
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