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Phone line dead

My phone line went dead yesterday, and it is still dead today. I am not getting a dial tone, and I cannot make or receive calls. I have tried two different phones in the socket. I have also inspected the kine outside the house, and it all seems fine....

toptail by Joining in
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Reporting a dangerous driver

Hello, I've just been tailgated in wet and icy conditions by a van of yours registration number I believe you be YO68THZ. This diver was so close I couldn't read the number plate until they passed my on a roundabout and went on over 2 roads. I find t...

Landline number not transferred

HiWe are currently having identical issues to what we had approx. 4 years ago. My account was up for renewal and the offers made to stay were far too expensive. My wife then signed up as a new customer and we requested to keep our landline number (ha...

Resolved! Loss of Landline

Hullo, we lost our landline around midday on Tuesday 28th and phoned in that afternoon to report the fault. We ran all the usual checks e.g. disconnect the hub, plug the phone into the hub etc., but the phone was still dead with the message 'check yo...

Arwen by Joining in
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No incoming calls on landline

One week after installing hub 5 the landline is not receiving incoming calls.There is work ongoing in my area but I am unable to report the fault.Any advice?

ksaha1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Porting old Virgin phone number to new Hub 3 install?

I've installed my new Hub 3 tonight after my phone was disconnected as part of the fibre upgrade. Everything is now working, although the phone number allocated to the new line is wrong and I's like it to be ported back to the old phone number I had ...

No dial tone

Agent told me phone fault would be sorted on 29th November. Now she's not replying, maybe on well deserved holiday,  is anybody able to help thanks Glynis 

Recent issues after swapping landline to hub.

Hi,swapped landline to hub 5 a few weeks ago.  All fine initially, but several intermittent faults over the past week or so.  Incoming calls - I can hear them but they can’t hear me.  Periods of persistent engaged tone when trying to ring in. (I have...

Davermac by Joining in
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