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Landline phone not working

Hi Our landline phone stopped working when we got our new Hub 3.Contacted this Commmunity 2 weeks ago and they said it will start working on the 6th of September. Unfortunately, there is still no response from the landline. No dial tone, no one can c...

vdsfrank by Joining in
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Resolved! M100 Broadband and Talk More Anytime

Hope someone can help. I currently pay £62.25 a month for M100 Fibre Broadband and Talk More Anytime landline. Correct me if I am wrong but TMA is £27 (including line rental), so I am paying £35.25 for broadband a month. That seems too high?

Message indication

I have a message indication but when I dial 1571 no message stored.After talking to help line she said it could possibly be from an old message that has been auto deleted that I did not read.How can I clear the message indication??

Resolved! No landline dial tone

Hi teamI lost dial tone on my landline at approx 11.00am this morning. Whilst  I was on a call the line dropped. The service status shows no landline faults. Please advise best route to report.This has been happening fairly frequently over past 6 mon...

snaved27 by Joining in
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Resolved! How do I block numbers on my phone?

I am getting repeated calls from BT saying they have a message from their text service and the call is from Russia. How do I block these calls?

no dialling tone

old dual phones lost dialling tone...just bought new dual phones no dialing tone   tried a working non cordless phone no dialing tone ..has to be a fault elsewhere ...how can i get an engineer to take a look at this fault please ???

spotless by Joining in
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Landline home phone

My wife phones her sister in Germany each weekend, the last 4 weeks after 15 minutes her sister cant hear her and she need to redial, can anyone help.??

tony_q by Joining in
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1571 not working

My mums 1571 phone now not working after 2 visits to her in 6 months because of so called A power outage causing her phone not to workThat has now been fixed but she now has no 1571

esox1112 by Joining in
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