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Resolved! Landline Phone

Landline not working again. No dialing tone when I try to ring out. Friends are getting an engaged tone when trying to contact me. This happened to me a few weeks back. This is not on, its very frustrating, I am waiting for an urgent Hospital appoint...

Resolved! Lost my landline number

In June I had a phone conversation with a VM agent regarding the cost of my package (home phone & M100 broadband) I asked if removing my landline would reduce the monthly cost and was told no, due to bundling it was cheaper to stay as things were. Du...

MP12345 by Tuning in
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Landline number has not been transferred

I am a new customer and requested that our home landline number be kept the same after our move from Vodafone to virgin.After checking it would appear that our landline number is a new one. I haven't been able to get through to anyone by phone and th...

CC_GG by Joining in
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Phone call charge

I was told I will be contacted within 48 hours and it has been nearly 2 weeks. I can't keep finding a way to contact virgin media customer service. I was charged over 200 for my bill. It is ridiculous and I can't always find time to contact customer ...

eelam08 by Joining in
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Landline is down

My landline has been down for 3 days now (SW19 4AD) but all checks show that there is no fault with phone line but a fault with TV (my TV is working fine). I have been trying to call virgin but cannot get through (it keeps cutting off). Any other way...

cas23 by Joining in
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Report that your landline isn't working.

Hi,How are you supposed to report a landline not working.  I have no dial tone and have plugged the phone into the inner socket after taking the front off the phone wall socket (I'm not using the hub).It's been like this for over a couple of weeks no...

colllie by Tuning in
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Quick start

Hi there  I booked a quick start for the landline service and the tv box 360 I’m wondering how to set up the landline service as I’ve never had the landline before with VM and I know this works on the back of the router but how do I activate it?the t...

Landline down again!

Landline down in ML2 area since Thursday. Virgin report issues with TV in my area, but not phones. (My TV is ok). Also just upgraded to Virgin 360, so don’t know if that is related. Very frustrating that you can’t report fault via App.  Anyone else h...

Resolved! Previous landline

Hi, recently we had an account under my name with Virgin for analogue phone line and TV only. We cancelled that account, and the landline was cut off, also the TV service about a week later. We now have a full Virgin Media Broadband account under my ...

Arturus by Joining in
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