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No incoming calls , again.

Hi, it was noticed yesterday that our landline is no longer taking incoming calls, we have a dial tone and can make outgoing calls but if you try to ring in, all you hear is one ring then a crashing sound, then nothing. Service status says everything...

R2_83 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Have VM broadband, how to add landline service?

I seem to have signed up to a broadband-only deal (~250Mbps) instead of a broadband and phone/voip package.Is there anything I can do as I don't want to lose my old phone number if at all possible?Is it even possible to add a phone package to bb-only...

Switch to fibre phone

My home phase was due to switch to fibre today. I followed the instructions with the adaptor but nothing has happened. I've rebooted the hub several times but the overview status page on the hub still says "Telephony (Disabled)" and the phone has no ...

RBS by Tuning in
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Phone dead.

A relatives land land line phone is faulty.There is only a loud crackling with no in or out calls possible.All sockets have been disconected but the main input socket.Different phones have been tried with the same result.The test socket in the main i...

BT38 by Joining in
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Appointment no show bu engineer

having agreed a time I rescheduled my day to be in.the engineer didn’t show up and nonone had the courtesy to inform me eventualy navigated my way through website to see that the agreed date/time has been rescheduled for 4 days time 5 mints before he...

Phone line dead

My parent phone line has been dead for a couple of weeks. Both in their late 70’s and I need to be able to contact them. 

eimearm2 by Joining in
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Resolved! Recycling Landline Number

Hi Virgin Media,Had a question regarding our landline number, currently we have filled out an Export form for the landline. Now regarding this if within the time period of the contract ending if the landline number is not picked up by another provide...

B_K by Joining in
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