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I cannot use 1471 to check on suspicious calls is the service no longer available?

Phone Light After Switchover

Silly question, was switched over first week of October, after moving my phone to the hub and plugging it in - was able to make / receive calls so all good. But did note that I did not have the "Green" telephone light on the Hub 3......thought I'd le...

Pieman1972 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! No landline

No landline dial tone since weekend ,checked service status , say there are no problems.  Have done all checks on my equipment unplugged landline phone from power and wall connection sockets reset router etc . Needs resolving paying for non existent ...

WTF1234 by Tuning in
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Resolved! No Landline for over 3 months!!!

I have been trying to resolve this for over 3 months. I have sent emails, used webchat, used the complaint portal, and tried phoning.  Tried again today and the agent was absolutely useless, repeatedly putting me on hold without any progress in under...

Resolved! Dial tone but cant make or recieve calls

My landline was meant to move over yesterday but it doesn't allow me to make or receive calls. There is a dial tone but when I make a call it goes to busy tone and on receiving there's a message saying user is unavailable. The phone is connected into...

JasSK by Joining in
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landline change to fibre

I have been sent an email about the change to the new fibre network, it refers to a letter that I have not received.  The email says that I "need to arrange a tecnician visit before 6th December" but goes on to say that I will not be able to make out...

I want to change my landline number

hidue to someone pranking me repeatedly, after i accidentally published my landline number, i would like to change it. thanks in advance for any help

Nathanp1 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! No landline

No landline dial tone since yesterday. Has the change over from wall socket connection to modem adapter connection happen in my area that I’m unaware of?

Resolved! Limited to REN 3

If I add extra extensions beyond 3, it stops working.Is there a way around this limitation?

percyw by Tuning in
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