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Fibre phone

We are concerned about this enforced move to a fibre phone, especially in view of the likelihood of power outages in the future.We currently have an old fashioned landline to enable us to communicate with our family if the power goes down and our cor...

Telephone switchover

Is there any way to find out when my landline will switch from the old connection to the new cable network one? 

Fibre Phone Adaptor

HI, like many others on here I have my base answer phone (4 phone set) and connection box in the lounge on ground floor, my hub with computer desk top is 3 floors up in small bedroom. I have not found the answer on the forum as to how I over come thi...

AndyK73 by Joining in
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land line fault

Hi, yesterday I reported a problem with my landline.the fault is that I rang a number, the phone was picked up at the other end but no one spoke. I put the phone back on its cradle to disconnect but when I picked it up again there was no ringtone but...

Alex893 by Tuning in
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Resolved! Old landline cables

I've got a right spaghetti junction of old cables, including old junction boxes still installed that I need taking out.  I've had my Virgin landline ever since they were under the guise of NTL and don't want to rip anything out without checking.  Hav...

Resolved! Book Engineer online

Can I book an engineer online? Can never get through via phone plus its my landline I am having problems with. Thanks 

NICNAK1 by Tuning in
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No landline dial tone

Have checked lines ,rebooted by switching mains on and off. Think we need an engineer visit as nothing happening . Just a crackling on the line .thanks

Resolved! Landline not working via BT cable

I have my landline with VM which is not currently working, the set up is via a BT box and wiring as i changed my package last year to include home phone, where do I stand now if there is a fault with my line. thanks as it is not via a virgin box. Hav...

richudo by Joining in
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