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Land Line problems

My phone stopped worling on Sunday, no dialing tone, nothing at all. On Tuesday I managed to talk to customer service about it. They told me my phone line and wall box were now obsolete, as my area (which is 12) has now been switched over to fiber br...

mjkeW by Joining in
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Lan Line

My home phone lan line is not working, I cant hear any line  but the service said it's fine so I think its cables leading to my phone are not working. Although my internet is fine. Can someone help?

Lorbat by Tuning in
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can't recieve calls

So We have been haing problems on and off for the last month with our  home phone.we were  unable to make and recieve calls, Virgin media manage to resolve the the issue that was in the area and we are now able to make calls, However we still cannot ...

Landline not working

Apparently my usual connection has been changed to hub connection.  I am told I need to get my own cable to connect phones away from the router.I was not told they were doing this and I’m not sure what to do

Nigel18 by Joining in
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Landline not working

I’m not receiving any calls on my landline and can’t dial out. There is no dial tone. Have checked at my end and there is no issue with my kit. I’ve checked the service status for my area but there is no mention of an issue. I can’t call 150 as that ...

Tracyw16 by Joining in
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Charges for land line

engineer changed the telephone land line, as there was a problem, to the internet. Now all working fine. Why, however am I still being charged for the  'telephone land line ?'     [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

John116 by Joining in
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Fibre phone adapter

Have gone to use the new Fibre Phone Adapter but now I’ve read instructions, I realise that the adapter is to be attached to the hub.  Unfortunately my hun is wired in up the stairs in a study while my only landline phone is downstairs.  Do I therefo...

paulS8 by Joining in
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Resolved! unable to receive incoming calls for over 4 weeks

HiI suddenly lost both incoming and outgoing calls over 4 weeks ago but after several calls to the help line I could get a dial tone and could make outgoing calls, I thought it was fixed. Unfortunately I was then told by friends they couldn't  reach ...

stuart-h by Joining in
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Resolved! cant make or receive calls

help please i can see lots of others having the same issue, yesterday(saturday 3rd dec) i attempted to get in touch via the webchat thingy on the right side of the virgin page, toni bot asked its questions and i did the usual etc so then it said it w...

Link to report issues

Is there a direct link to report issues? Status Checker always says things are fine when there is an issue, and the ability to run actual tests seems to have been removed from both the app and website. Have tried all checks and have confirmed the iss...