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Landline stopped working

My landline has stopped working for 3 days in Liverpool area . I have tried different phones and no dial tone. My mobile reception is terrible at home. I need my landline as I’m working from home and also have health conditions. No way of contacting ...

KarenM76 by Joining in
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Resolved! Fibre phone not working

The switchover date for my phone is today-21/11 - I’ve followed the instructions regarding the new adapter but my landline is dead. I’ve rebooted the hub several times. 

MM123 by Joining in
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Landline calls under 50p

Why do you charge for calls less than 50p?  It is outrageous. Also how do I get an itemised bill? Your charges seem to be a work of fantasy. 

celiamary3 by On our wavelength
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Re: unable to receive incoming calls for over 4 weeks

Exactly same problem here for 4 weeks. Spoken VM support several times to be given the same story. I am sure it has domething to do with UK Virgin switch to fibre/ip telephony but keep getting told NOT to fit VM supplied adapter into router etc. unti...

koogeybear by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Fibre upgrade switch

On day of switch over when does the analog phone stop working as I won’t have time to move my phone near to hub before I go to work and my disabled father needs the phone during the day. Can I leave plugging it in to hub until I get home from work ? 

Mrbbus by Joining in
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Landline Switchover

Hi, I spoke with someone last week advising I had never received an adapter. I have still not received one that was reordered and my switchover is the 28th November.Can someone check this out or reorder again.Thanks

Landline not receiving calls

Hello,I moved house on the weekend and took my Virgin services with me. I have a new package and my landline now plugs into the hub, but I have kept my phone number. I have a dial tone and can make calls, but I haven't been able to receive calls sinc...

JosieL by Joining in
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Landline fault - engaged tone and cannot call out

Please can someone contact me regarding our faulty landline. I have tried checks as per website. If you ring the phone it gives the caller the engaged tone but does not audibly ring.  If you try calling out on the phone it dials the number and then d...

Becky247 by Joining in
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Long wait for engoneer

My broadband is down and currently phone lines are closed. I can't cal 150 as my phone works via broadband.Automatic chacks have shown no issues. Engineer appointment is 6 days away.I'd feel much better if I could actually talk to someone and run fur...

Resolved! New V5 Box - Phoneline is dead

I need help! An engineer! An adaptor! The phone line does not work and need the phone for doctors to call me. Please help me virgin media! Was working perfectly with the v3 box. 

pripat by Tuning in
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