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1765 not available

I am looking to temporarily set up a call forward from my VM Landline to my mobile. The instructions state that you need to dial 1765 to find ouit what colour area you are in. If I dial 1765 I do not get a message stating what colour area I'm in. I h...

djb3 by Tuning in
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Landline is going straight to voicemail without ringing.

Hi,It's been a few days now but as post title says, landline phone is going straight to voicemail. It does not ring. This is odd in itself since I've never found or been able to access voicemail on this handset so assumed I hadn't got that feature. I...

MH61 by Just joined
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Switchover to digital phone cancelled?

I've just had an email from virgin saying that the switchover of my landline to digital has been cancelled.I would be grateful for any more information.

tjfs by Tuning in
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Number of landline phone rings

Hi,Our phone changed to the new system yesterday and I spent some time on the phone talking to a lady who said she would switch my voicemail on, which would take 24 hours.I also asked her (as per instruction leaflet) to reduce the number of rings fro...

5560dpl by Tuning in
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Landline can't make or receive calls

I have a dial tone but the landline can't make calls or receive calls, has a busy signal. I've tried all the standard things, checking connections, powering off, Internet is working fine,

pvp1 by Joining in
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Landline issue

HiCannot ring next door neighbour. Can ring all other contacts on landline or mobiles Phone doesn't even ring after dialling her number.Is this an issue our end or her end? Any suggestions?Thanks 

Resolved! Landline telephony from Hub 5x

Hi all, had fibre to the premise (FTTP) broadband installed two weeks ago.  Seems okay so far.Telephony is disabled.  Have searched the website and asked the Bots but had not luck.  Can anyone point me to:What the fees are.What the process is to get ...

crackling landline when calling out

since changing the landline to go through the wifi hub when I make an outgoing call it crackles that bad I cannot hear anyone. When I receive an incoming call it is fine. I have checked my landline phone and wires and seem to be fine.  I have checked...

bev4 by Joining in
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