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Resolved! Landline Not Working

Our Virgin Landline has no dial tone. We have been informed a few times that people have tried to ring us and just discovered today that it is not working. Both hand sets are ok and the connection into the wall socket is clicked into place securely. ...

Paulleo by Tuning in
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No number calls

Since having your phone system installed on 8th December I am receiving about 8 calls a day with no number. The phone doesn't ring, just accepts the call. The are not equally spaced time wise, but if the first call is 03 minutes past the hour then al...

David163 by Joining in
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Resolved! No landline service

Hi, there was a power cut in my area on Tuesday evening. Power was restored at 8.00 pm but no dialling tone since then. I've done all the usual checks but still nothing. Any help you can give would be welcome.

21cv rollout

Hi guys.i thought the rollout was expected to be completed mid '22, but im still on the old system - is there a way to request a switch (due to positioning ideally id like to move it to the hub sooner rather than later regardless of downsides) or is ...

landline not working

We have had no landline since Christmas Eve, VM deny there's an issue in our area despite the fact this isn't true. I eventually got hold of them by lodging a complaint, however they cannot send an engineer out for another week. This means we'll have...

pedalady by Joining in
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No land line phone

Hi, we've had no landline phones for a week now, how do I go about getting the phones to work through the hub rather than the old BT socket, is this something that needs to be enabled by Virgin?

Home phone adaptor

Hello my home phone adapter that connect it to the hub is broken the clip is broken so it keep coming out can someone from virgin order me a new one please 

sandelben by On our wavelength
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Hub 3 land line

My current virgin phone socket stoped working. An engineer came and gave me an adapter to put in the hub but my phone wasn’t compatible.I purchased a new DECT type phone and put adapter in Hub 3 phone1 and plugged phone into adapter. i had no dial to...

No home phone line

I have had intermittent connection for a few weeks but since Friday I have had nothing. My phone says’ Check Phone Line’. I have unconnected and reconnected and still nothing but the Virgin line status check doesn’t identify a problem in the area. I ...

Franrae by Joining in
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