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intermittent landline fault

Intermittent fault since mid october in that the caller can hear us but we can't hear them.Dialling tone is heard and appears to dial number but no ringing sound on our side even though the phone of the person we are calling rings out.Can also happen...

nelcon by Joining in
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Resolved! Disabling Virgin Voicemail

Virgin has supplied my landline for some years. I have a BT phone set with a perfectly adequate answerphone built in. When the landline was switched to the fibre service last month, my answerphone no longer worked, and was replaced by the much less c...

raduff36 by Joining in
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Phone switchover

Hii have not received a letter from Virgin Media about this. 

DaveN2 by Joining in
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when is voip available in my area region 2  

james1947 by On our wavelength
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Landline dead

My landline phone went dead just before Xmas, no dial tone, and I have been trying to find how to get this fixed ever since.When I go into the Virgin Media website and try the suggested options I keep going in circles.Is there a phone number with an ...

landline call costs

can anyone tell me how much is costs per minute to call...from a Virgin landline to a UW [Utility Warehouse] mobile?from a Virgin landline to a UW [Utility Warehouse] landline?My Virgin landline is on the Talk Weekends tariff.

geriann by Superfast
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Landline not ringing with incoming calls

My landline phone has not rung for several weeks - I can ring out, and when I call the landline number I can hear it ringing on my mobile. I have replaced my phone and have the same problem. I have called 150 and they said it might be an area problem...

HJFeasey by Joining in
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Resolved! Faulty Landline

My landline sounds like it has a really crackly dialing tone however I am unable to make calls and when you phone in it’s engaged. I have tried a new handset and the test socket but it’s still the same. Any thoughts please?

Switching from TalkTalk

Hi everyone,Getting a little confused here. I have purchased a new contract with VM and would like to port over my telephone number.I am due for my VM install on the 03/01/23. My TT contact ends the next day.VM telephone support claims I have to canc...

AZumla by Joining in
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