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Landline not been working since switch to fibre netwok

My landline has not been working since 6th of December when I was switched over to the new fibre network. Since that time I have called your helpdesk 5 times. I have made sure the phone is connected to the adaptor and plugged into the hub correctly. ...

Robotnik by Joining in
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Landline only ringing once on incoming calls

As subject says, our landline is only ringing once for incoming calls then hangs up on the caller.  Checked the equipment and tested with another handset with same issues.  Same equipment we have been using for a few years with no issues.Called Virgi...

Grahamaj by Joining in
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Home phone dead

My landline completely dead no dial tone no ringing, when calling home phone from a mobile it goes straight to voicemail .Tried different phone and rebooted hub. No service issues in my area according to virgin . Had this happen 2 months ago as well ...

Landline dead

Cordless handsets all state "Check phone line". Phone line is plugged directly into wall. Cordless phones work fine at another address, same issue happens when plugging in a separate handset into the wall socket.Phone line has not worked for six days...

Xshaan by Joining in
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Change over day - landline

Via email I was given 9th January for my change to VM fibre network. Nothing has happened, does anyone know why?       [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Resolved! Phone line digital adapter

My family and friends have received letters and adapters for the switch to digital landline services. I have received neither. We are all in the same geographical area. Does anyone know if there is a reason I would be excluded? 

Resolved! No landline dial tone

Yesterday I had crackling on line getting progressively worse all day.  By last night I had no dial tone. I have checked all the suggested ‘fixes’. I’m thinking we need an engineer?, Judy.

Judy7777 by Tuning in
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Landline voicemail

I just want to turn it off but unfortunately virgin have made this the most difficult process in the world!

GrahamH4 by Joining in
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No dialling tone

I access my landline directly through an adapter on the modem. I recently relocated the phone to a different part of the room and now despite constant checks, I get the message on my phone saying check phone line.please help

RonKnox by Joining in
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Internet keeps dropping

Good morning, We have a works  Yealink dect phone plugged in to an ethernet cable in our router however it keeps dropping out on calls and wondered if there could be fault with either our internet or hub we currently have a Hub 3 ?