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Your phone service is changing

Like a host of others i have received an email saying my phone will be switched to fibre (5th May), and to ring 150 to replace existing hub. Rang last week (10th Feb), spoke to someone who although at first didn't seem to know anything about it said ...

weird call

This morning my phone rang i answered nobody there so i put it downthen about 30 mins later a lady asked what i wanted [scratches head ] i said i didnt call youthen she starts shouting but your numbers on my call back [scratches head again] i told he...

lyndaT1 by On our wavelength
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Service - Cannot make/receive calls

How does one get to call virgin and get an engineer round….. no numbers , it’s driving me mad. can’t make outgoing calls or receive incoming ones for the last few weeks So bought  a new phone.- same problem        [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for...

Resolved! How to get previous virgin landline number imported

When I moved I asked to retain my virgin landline phone number from my previous address. However they have given me another number. I run an animal rescue and my phone number is printed on literature and databases.  So far I have spent 3 hrs in conve...

Migration to Fibre Phone

I received my adapter and instructions in August. I have had a succession of calls from VM. At first these were simply explaining over and over what was going to happen, but I wasn't told to try connecting my phone to the router yet. Finally someone ...

Geoff_T1 by On our wavelength
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Landline not working!

Why is it impossible to contact Virgin Media? How can I phone Virgin Media 150 to tell them my home phone isn't working, constant cackle noise and cuts me off?

Landline not working,

Land line not working; it rings twice then nothing, but when I ring it from my mobile, it appears to be ringing ok, but no sounds come from the landline phone. I tried a brand new telephone in the socket but it is still the same. There is no ring ton...

grumpy19 by Tuning in
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Phone adaptor

After realising my home phone has not been working for about three weeks, I was told I would be sent an adaptor and it would arrive in a few days. I'm still waiting

Hilsb by Joining in
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Landline not ringing

Evening,I am not receiving landline calls. When I call it from a mobile it rings on the mobile but the landline dies not actually ring. 

rugbymad by Joining in
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