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Resolved! No landline again

Morning all,Our landline is down again this morning! Had a fix last weekend due to a fault now it's down again this morning, no incoming or outgoing calls as of 8.05am. 

Mrs_G1 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! VOIP switch but incoming not working

Did the switch as instructed last week. Today we were told via mobile phone there was a problem with incoming calls.Not sure how long it's been like this, incoming seemed to work the day of the switchover so assumed it had worked.Instructions said th...

Phone dead wigan area wn2

My landline is dead with no dial tone changed phone but still nothing been like this for at least 3 days. I dont seem to be alone either.Geegie

Geegie by Joining in
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Landline switch no outgoing calls

My phone lines been switched to he 21CV service. I can make outgoing calls. I logged a call and an engineer was sent, who agreed that there were no issues at my end. The engineer is supposed to have sent the issue back to the 21cv provisioning team.I...

hamild by Tuning in
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Phone not working

My home phone is not working there is no dial tone and there is an x in the phone window 

Davyhib by Joining in
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Home phone not working

My home phone is not working there is no dial tone and there is no phone symbol showing on my phone 

Davyhib by Joining in
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I received an email telling me that my virgin home phone is being switched to fiberphone and connected to the broadband router. This sounded great until I learned that you will still charge me line rental for the PSTN line. How can you justify chargi...

caller ID not working anymore

HiLooking for one of the forum team can help.  In the last week my telephone (landline) caller ID has stopped working.  When I use my mobile to call my house it comes up as "external call" despite being programmed into my house phone and it happens o...

cc1970 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! My landline has been disconnected

My landline has been disconnected. VMedia claim there is no problems. However, I have no connection, I have no incoming or outgoing calls. 

Splattis by Tuning in
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