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Resolved! Landline answering machine

Still getting the dialling tone on the landline saying there is a message on the answer phone? But no message received?Any tips in getting rid of that tone please?

Check line cord error

Am getting this message on my phone and no dial tone. Virgin engineer came out and said phone must be directly connected to the router which is not possible???

Problem with switchover to fibre

In January we received an email saying we needed to book a technician visit to switch our phone to the fibre network. I phoned Virgin and after going through all the options (as none of them fit with this), I was able to speak to somebody albeit with...

Zagorian by Tuning in
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Fiber switchover

HelloMy elderly mother received the letter about the landline/fiber switchover. She called the 150 number to book a technician appt and was asked a lot of questions about security which she was confused about. Can you please tell me how I can make th...

I have 11 missed calls with no number

For some reson when I check the call log on my house phone I have missed calls but no numberThe phone hasnt rung I just seem to have all thease missed calls this started hapening when I got the 1 gig broad band Any suggestions ?


I had Virgin Broadband Band Hub 5 and landline installed on Friday the 17th of February. The Broadband is working however the landline has not been working since installing. I spent 2 days trying to find out why? I was told that my equipment had not ...

Aaron72 by Tuning in
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Landline is dead

My land line is dead.  All other broadband, TV and WiFi are working and I have checked the cables.  I have done a status test and there is no indication of a failure.   What can I do?       [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Customer Service

What on earth is wrong with VM customer service. Why do VM send emails explicitly stating one thing. Only to be told something different over the phone. We had an email on the 16th last Thursday saying you need to order new hub for delivery and that ...

mac51 by Joining in
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Resolved! Phone Line

I have a phone line connection box and wondered if it would be ok to disconnect this and take the box away now the the phone works through the modem

JLOG1953 by Tuning in
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Phone number porting

Hi, I’m still waiting for a phone number port from now tv. I signed up on January 30th on the phone with a sales representative, he told me the port wouldn’t be a problem as he would notify now tv of my intention to leave. My now tv line is still act...

MarkMJ71 by Joining in
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