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Fibre Network Grace Period

I have been informed by email that on 2nd June my current home phone service will stop working and will be switched over to the fibre network. I will need a technician visit because my Hub and phone can’t be placed near each other and I have other ph...

zerodbs by Up to speed
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Cant make or recieve calls

Have tried a couple of handsets now and none will work incoming or outgoing calls. Thinking it may be the digital change over thing?!?!Where can i get a converter thing to try?Help please

Leehart by Joining in
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Community Alarm

How do I set up community alarm with virgin landline? The phone plugs into the modem.

Can't delete voicemail message notification

I've been having a long-term issue with Virgin's voicemail notification system. I keep on getting notifications but my inbox is empty when I go to retrieve them. A while ago I was given a procedure by Virgin to stop them at my phone end and this work...

robinj00 by Joining in
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Digital Phone Upgrade

Hi. I keep getting phone calls about upgrading my landline otherwise it will be disconnected. She asked password and stuff so not sure it is legit. i know there is an upgrade going on but how do I organise it? I didn’t receive any letter. Thank you s...

Bene by Joining in
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No dial tone

My phone has said to check phone line for some time. It was an old phone so purchased a new one as thought phone my be the issue. But just installed it and still no dial tone on land line. Opened up the socket and connected to the internal socket and...

sheppy72 by Joining in
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Resolved! No ring tone

Phone can call and recieve calls but doesnt ring when calledRestarted routerchecked phone rings in a neighbours landlinetried a second phonecalled 150 they eventually wanted me to try another phone which dropped the call. WOT

Philn2 by Joining in
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Why can't we get Virgin media when downstairs seem ti have it?

Hi there,I've been told that we are not able to get virgin media in the address that we are moving into, However, it looks like the address is coming up on the website as available and there are lots of addresses on the same street that have Virgin m...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Landline voice mail

Hi I would like to have the Virgin landline voice mail turned off please as I have my own voicemail machineThank youJohn

John2173 by Joining in
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