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Phone payments

HiHow come I can no longer make payments over the phone?When I call I get asked to provide a mobile number to send the app link too BUT I DON'T USE THE APP ON MY MOBILE just my laptop.  I find having to sign in inconvenient at times and it was much e...

Dragon63 by On our wavelength
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Changed from Sky and BT phone to Virgin landline (kept my BT phone number) receiving calls from people in my directory ok.  When I pick up my handset it tells me I have received a number of calls which have not been ringing out.  When I go to check w...

Resolved! Fibre network phone change over

Our phone is not located near the Hub in our house so cannot be directly plugged into the Hub.  In preparation of forthcoming fibre change over, I have a long white telephone cable installed by Virgin Media in Feb 2010 running from the VM external bo...

c1ark323 by Joining in
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Landline Not Working AGAIN!!!

Once again the phone doesn't work, no dial tone, no calls in or out.The cable outside was "repaired" recently the original torpedo joint was removed and the repairer left us with a taped joint.I was promised a £20 refund from the last breakdown for t...

p0p513 by Joining in
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Resolved! No Dial tone S71

Anyone else having no dial tone on landline?Our's has been down since yeterday. Fortunately we have mobiles, but some main contact numbers are the landline.TiaAndy

yosithi by Joining in
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Resolved! Home phone

Hi I am having tv,broadband and home phone installed soon do virgin supply a home phone or do I need to buy one 

SMjon by Joining in
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No Dial Tone on Landline S65

Hi,Since yesterday evening I have had no dial tone on my landline phone and when others try to call me they hear an engaged tone.When I have checked my service status there are no issues being flagged up and my internet is working fine. All of my pho...

zrud by Settling in
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I've recieved a lot of emails, letters and text messages over the past couple of months about the phone line switch but am yet to receive the adaptor. With a month to go how soon are these normally sent out? Thanks. 

ab101 by Tuning in
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Landline - no dial tone

I have no dial tone, virginmedia states status fine in GU4 7HN postcode area but clearly not as I cannot get any dial tone. Can't call virgin as have no dial tone!!

Hinkleys by Joining in
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Resolved! No home phone

Hi folks,I joined Virgin M250 broadband & home phone package on 21.12.2022. I cannot get a phone line connection after connecting to the telephone input of the hub 4. So til now still no phone service for 2 months.WiFi is sporadic around  the home an...

alangian by Tuning in
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