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Landline not working

Our home phone has not worked since Saturday and I rely on this as i am a carer for my elderly mother who lives nearby.  Order of events so far:1. I tried to report it Saturday but without the 150 facility this is difficult/ seemingly impossible to s...

Berllan14 by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Removing landline number from BT phone book

Can someone help me get my landline number removed from BT phone database.  I’ve been a VM customer for many years and thought I was ex-directory but the latest BT phone book delivered today has my landline details.  BT say I have to get VM to remove...

JMP3 by Joining in
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Home phone missed calls.

Hello,I had a hub 5 delivered a few weeks ago and like others have reported I am getting hundreds of 'missed calls' no number. I have watched the phone light up and then register a missed call although the phone did not actually ring.For example clea...

Taz1975 by Tuning in
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Landline connection to Hub 3 Router

As requested I have connected my Panasonic DECT3 cordless handset to my my Hub 3 Router - using the adapter, provided by VM - into the port label Tel1, reset the router and the phone and all the handset has displayed since then (28/03/23) is a messag...

D30sy by Joining in
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New Hub required for Home Phone

HiI've had an email telling me to contact you to order a new hub so that my home phone can be connected to it.I dialled 150 as requested in the email but have no idea what my security word is so couldn't continue.Can I initiate the request for a new ...

no incoming calls on landline since February

I switched to BT as a trial while still paying virgin for broadband and telephone line.Switched back when virign gave a better offer. Virgin got a digit wrong when reinstating my line. I now have the wrong number and that number does not accept incom...

MG16 by Joining in
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Landline- No dial tone

Paid my latest bill for landline, TV and broadband. But my landline isn't working at all and has been taken off my virgin media package. How do I add it back?? And why was it taken off??

Resolved! New Fibre Phone Line

I'm most likely repeating something here or discussing something that's already disscused so apologies in advance.I have received my adapter for this and I'm not looking forward to this change as going by some of the posts here, it's an additional he...

ewhitey by Superfast
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Switch to fibre phone

Please can somebody tell me how I book an engineer so that my phone extensions continue to work after the switchover to fibre? I've just tried asking this via Virgin Media WhatsApp chat and they haven't a clue what's happening.     [MOD EDIT: Post sp...