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Land line not working

Hello, My home phone line has not been working since yesterday afternoon. I get a message on the phone handset saying to “check phone line”. I have checked all connections and they are all ok. I also checked the VM website to see if any faults in my ...

Kempy68 by Tuning in
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IP phone temporarily unavailable ?

Since my landline has been connected to the hub from time to time callers will tell me target get message stating my phone temporarily unavailable. I called support beginning of this week and after spending a very long time trying to explain the prob...

Geoff-s by Tuning in
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Check phone line

Today suddenly my landline errored out with message "Check Phone Line" . Every single cable is right, nothing changed but there is an erroressagd. Change over was from 22nd May so if can't be change over. Any help is much appreciated 

Resolved! Technician No-Show

I had accepted an 8am-1pm slot for the technician to replace my Emergency Backup Line today.  It's now 6:39pm and it doesn't look he/she's coming.  What's the likelihood of this repeating on a potentally re-arranged time?


Help port our landline phone number to BT

I've recently left VirginMedia and want to take our old phone number with me. BT has tried three times to request the number but VM are blocking it.  Please could someone contact me and explain how this can be done.  I have spent more time than I wan...

martyn_t by On our wavelength
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Landline Switchover

got my new phone line adapter  for the switchover however there was no date  or any other information  in the padded envelope that it arrived  in .  anyone  know when Edinburgh is due  for the change  Thanks Stevie 

roxio by Tuning in
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Resolved! Lane line phone usage report

Hi, what is the url so I can view my phone lan line usage report I want to see how many in and out bound calls.have been made and to whom. Any help.

DJM1 by Joining in
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No landline dial tone for over a week

I’ve had no dial tone on my landline for over a week.I have just returned from a week’s holiday and it’s still the same.I have run the check service thing and it says no problems in my area.This has happened in the past and often gets fixed but it’s ...

No dial tone on landline

My landline is part of a bundle and I haven't used it for a couple of years. I've tried plugging into the Hub and, separately, into the NTL (Virgin) socket but neither work.I have checked that the handset works OK using my current BT landline.Any sug...

19gary56 by Joining in
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home phone line dead

new phones, thinking their the fault.no, new master front plate, still no joy.customer service poo, find it hard to believe this is only way to report faults.

gazza6o6 by Joining in
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