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New fibre line

 Hi,Can you confirm something for me,  I'm on weekend chatter and just up graded my phone line to the new fibre line, in the package was a leaflet (picture attached of first pages) that says "oodles of inclusive calls, everyone gets inclusive call to...


Landline down for four days

Our landline went down on Friday. Virgin automated service gave several times for fixing but not kept any of these deadlines. Now just saying it will be fixed 'as soon as possible'. Meanwhile the website service status indicates no landline issues an...

SusanF by Joining in
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Landline nightmare

I'm almost 92 and really struggling here. How on earth do I speak to a human for help these days?  My landline will not make any calls.  Every number I dial - whatever the number is, it goes straight through to virginmedia helpline  I'm not trying to...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Fibre Phone answering machine

My landline has just been switched over to my Hub3 ("Fibre Phone"). My own phones' base station has an answer phone built in that is set to answer after 30 seconds. Since switchover I find that after 25 seconds the line is answered by a Virgin provid...

glasspath by On our wavelength
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Landline no dial tone no service

I have no dialing tone on my VM landline. I cannot get any incoming /outgoing calls Checked the status on VM website and all my services showed up as having no problems.  We had a local thunder storm  in the area on Tuesday morning and a 30 mins powe...

Flint68 by Joining in
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landline not working

We are unable to make or receive calls from the Landline.  I contacted Virgin on Friday and they have arranged for a new Hub to be sent out as we will need this for the line change over on 19th July.  Also advised the landline would be back working i...

Own router in separate room

Hi all, Just a quick question with regards to this phone switchover. I have my own router and the VM hub in a separate room from the landline. How do I go about setting up for the switchover?I won't be moving either and I'm not about to run a cable f...

Resolved! Phone Disconnected

Is it possible to buy a version of the widget required to connect a telelphone to a router? My in-law’s phone service has been cut off after the engineer due to set-up the fibre connection failed to keep the specified appointment. The customer servic...

Cnuceen by Joining in
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