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Land line call log

Hi Is it possible to get a call log of calls received by my land line over the last couple of months ?

hartlep by Joining in
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1471 not working since switching phone to reuter

I plugged my phone into the reuter using the adapter provided, however 1471 no longer works. When I tried it today, I got a message stating that 1471 call information was not available - however I know for a fact that incoming phonecalls should be lo...

Callers can't hear me

Hi,When people call me on my landline I can hear them but they can't hear me?I've rebooted the modem and even bought a new landline because thought it might have been the old handset but it's still happening.Anyone any ideas?

tinymch1 by Joining in
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Resolved! Switchover horrors

Funny how you just know something is never ever going to be straightforward, and before it’s even started, you are hurtling into the abyss of incompetence (theirs) and stress and inconvenience (yours).  You just KNOW.The switchover landline day arriv...

PYH by Tuning in
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Account suspended

My mum's account has been suspended although the direct debit was paid on 26 June. I've been on her online vm account to check and then proceeded to the make payment option (just to check) where the outstanding balance is 0.00.She's 86, lives alone a...

Corny by Joining in
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Vulnerable person landline issue

My elderly parents have been without a landline since last Wednesday. There is no known fault in the area. They are both very frail, one has terminal cancer and is on palliative care at home and the other has Alzheimer's. I have POA for both which yo...

Caller Display

Are some standalone caller display battery powered units not compatible with the new hub landline phone service ?Mine has stopped working and now seems to be blocking all calls from going through it to the phone. It is a very old BT Caller Display 20...

chops by Well-informed
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Copper to Fibre Changeover

After giving up on Virgin Media recently, I received a call out of the blue which was apparently from a special team dealing with problems changeovers.I agreed that i would be happy for you to get my service back up and running and agreed to an engin...

Ronald01 by Joining in
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