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No engineer appointment booked as promised by customer service

In an email from Virgin Media regarding changes to my home phone service due to be made on 13th September I was instructed to ring the customer service centre to request an engineer visit to install extra cables as my home phone and hub are in differ...

jankop by Joining in
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Landline down

So my Virgin Media landline went down yesterday (Saturday). Did all the checks to make sure it was not my equipment and plugged into the test socket on the wallplate. Tried five times to report it yesterday by mobile phone, WhatsApp and Webchat but c...

harrrj by Joining in
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Landline not working

My landline is not working. There is no dial tone, I checked on the service status and it says that there are no issues. Can you please help as I rely on my landline as I can't get a mobile signal at home.I had a cable pull on Wednesday and Thursday ...

Our landline has stopped working in April.

Response from Virgin Media is...there is no land line problem reported in your area. I have borrowed and used a new phone and the landline is still not working. Reading other complaints, the non working problem is most probably a faulty modem or inte...

Phone changeover date

Is there an easy way to check the date my phone is being switched over? In my mind it's today, 7th July, but my emails are still missing and I never got a proper letter through the post about it so I have no way to check myself. I've plugged the adap...

Pollybear by On our wavelength
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Resolved! Cancelling Home Phone Line

I was told on multiple occasions by vising engineers that when the switch over to WiFi phone line starts (now) that I would be able to cancel my phone line and get a reduction in the package cost, yet I can't find that option anywhere. Has anyone suc...

Call charges .. I don't use phone to ring out

Noticed .37p call charge on my current bill, on looking see same on last month's bill.  It isn't itemised and I am 99.99 certain that I haven't called out although I have answered calls on that line very infrequently.  Has me very puzzled, also conce...

VOIP set up

My router is in my upstairs office but I want the phone downstairs where it was before the switchover. How do I arrange this?

dgb111 by Tuning in
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