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Itemised landline bill

I called VM 8 times yesterday to request an itemised landline calls bill, but although they can see the dates and calls I made, they cannot let me see it! So, all I see is the grand total of extra phone call charges each month, and no way of analysin...

Resolved! Landline not working

Can anyone help pleaseI can’t make or receive any phone calls using my landline, there is no dial tone when I try to ring out. When people try to ring the landline it rings out at there end, but doesn’t ring at home.Ive tried using another phone but ...

Brian125 by Tuning in
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Talk Anytime

How much is it to upgrade from weekend chatter,  till to any time chatter.  Thank you. 

Ck2023 by Tuning in
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Fibre phone

Changed my phone over yesterday, fitted the adaptor to router, 2 minutes later phone working perfectly.

robkat by Up to speed
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Phone number - how do I find mine?

I have home phone but I have not used it for. While and can’t remember my number how do I get this information       [MOD EDIT: Subject title changed for clarity]

Oder new hub and adapter

I am trying to order a new hub and adapter for my mums landline. I have been on hold for 25 minutes and have tried the help guides but no joy. It’s due to be switched over on 25th July. Can anyone help with how to order this. She cannot do it herself...

Resolved! Phoneline is cutting off mid call

This problem is identical to Sheebs65 - it started occurring shortly after the switchover to internet connected phone in the summer.The situation is we only make about one call on a sunday  - the rest are incoming and are of short duration. We have d...

Resolved! Landline change to fibre

My landline is changing to the fibre network on 4th August and I need a technician to move my hub and phone. It's impossible to find a way of making a booking either by phone of via the website. Can somebody help please? Thank you.


Can someone please help with this problem.  I am 80 years of age and i am trying to book an engineer for the switch over, router and phone in different rooms. I've tried dialling 150 but not much help there.  My changeover is on October 6th. I have n...

brigantia by On our wavelength
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phone line not working

i have been upgrades to hub5  1gb ..  original phone line was a socket on wall ,,  which is still the case  phone has been working fine upto 5 days ago when there was no dial tone....  i understand there is an adapter to plug phone line into hub , bu...

nmtea16r by Joining in
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