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Emergency Backup Line - Non emergency numbers

Hi,My elderly parents have been provided with an emergency backup line. When the home phone rings, both the EBL and the main home phone, ring. It also dials out, to regular non emergency numbers. I did an experiment and unplugged the router and the p...

hm155155 by Joining in
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No number calls back again

HiHad a hub 5 since Oct 22 with no number calls. VM suggested a change to a 4, which I agreed, calls stopped, then found that my 4 was a 3! VM changed it for a 4. Initially ok. Yesterday afternoon the no number calls returned!Looks like the ghost has...

Landline switchover - Charge for engineer visit

My hub is in the office, but as the telephone is in another part of the house, I requested that an engineer come to do the necessary rewiring. When he arrived, he thought it was for some other reason, but when I explained what the call was really for...

Landline handset does not ring after switch to internet hub

Switched my existing landline hub phone (a BT Duet 550 phone) to the internet hub as instructed by Virgin. I can make outgoing calls but the phone no longer rings for incoming, but it does connect to receive the call from a mobile). Suggestions pleas...

AndrewDC1 by Settling in
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fibre phone

2 hours agoHow do I get a technician to call when no one answers telephone requests and there is a problem to  connecting fibre phone adapter to phone connection box when they are 10m apart in separate rooms???

rayjon by Joining in
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Landline not working

My landline hasn't been working for a while and the handset says to "check cord line". We've tried connecting a different phone to check and followed the guidance on the Virgin website but nothing has helped

bekkym by Joining in
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Resolved! phone changeover

changeover 7 july not got instuctions or adapters yet  what to do 

Porting landline number from Talk Talk

I have been trying to Port our land line number from Talk Talk to Virgin. Virgin have cancelled it once and can’t seem to explain why it is not happening. Frustrated as not getting any answers. Landline is still active with Talk Talk.