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Resolved! Adaptor for landline

Have received our adaptor however there's no way we can plug it in to the router where the phone line comes into our house as it's very low down on the wall. Help please.

SBerry1 by Joining in
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Landline incoming calls

Good afternoonWe are having problems with our landline.  Incoming calls are cut off after a few rings, but ongoing calls seem to work OK.Any thoughts?Thanks

landline not working

Friday afternoon we became aware that our VM landline wasn't working, it had been earlier in the day. the phone is plugged into a VM wall socket. The phone display shows check phone line, there is no dial tone, cannot make or receive calls. According...

Call waiting not working

After digital switchover I found call waiting was activated and I wanted to deactivate it. It deactivated ok but when I called the busy landline from my Virgin(o2) mobile, the mobile just beeped and then cut off. I reported this and after much hassle...

jayabee by Joining in
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Landline dead, no fibre switchover info recieved

Landline has been dead for a couple of weeks, may have been longer but that's when we first noticed! Presumed we would get a letter/email about the switchover but haven't received anything yet. Is there some where to see when it will happen and to ge...

NotCosy by Joining in
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New home phone service

I’ve changed the landline to now run via the adapter in the VM Hub as instructed. Rebooted the Hub a number of times but there’s no dial tone. No home phone service for two weeks and the VM website has very little info about how to solve this issue. ...

Garethab by Joining in
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Check phone line

Our phone is currently showing the message "check your phone line".  There are no known issues showing for our area I have checked. Help is needed

Resolved! Landline phone in new house

Hi,I am arranging moving house for somebody and we are looking at the Big Bundle package.Re: landline telephones.  How do this fit into this?  Do they plug into the router?   Does the router speak to them wirelessly?   Do they work down the old BT tw...

sambda1 by Tuning in
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Landline issues

My Landline is not working, called Virgin Media first thing. I was promised an engineers visit within 4 hours as i am classed as a priority customer and i am still waiting. Any one out there had the same problem?

oxydot by Joining in
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